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Scientific and practical bases of drying in the electric field

Burlev:Scientific and practical bases o
Autor: M. Ya. Burlev / N. S. Nikolaev / S. A. Ryzhov
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659670671

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The research the regularities influence of weak electrical impulses on substance, it needs to determine the capabilities of electron-ion technology. Before you apply the process of dehydrating agents, to explore the laws of Corona discharge. Corona discharge, as the initial stage of studying the impact of the powerful electric field at the electron-ion process has been researched. Known that the properties of electrical discharge in the air affect these processes. Based on data of the electron-ion process on the substances, propose the scientific hypothesis, which may explain the mechanism of accelerating the process of dehydration. Meaning of hypothesis is as follows - intensification of dehydrating substances when using weak electrical impulses occurs due to the emergence of Electro kinetic processes (electro-osmosis, electrophoresis and electrolysis). As well as stochastic resonance at certain frequencies, the so-called "white noise". We developed the device, which provided an opportunity to detect previously unknown phenomenon the induction of unipolar electrical impulses by substance during of phase transitions 1 kind

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