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Farmland Trees Governance Outside protected Areas in Eastern Usambara

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Autor: Fadhili Bwagalilo
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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783846519813
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The east Usambara Mountains are part of the Eastern Arc Mountain which are considered one of the global hotspots. The mountains are almost entirely within Muheza district in Tanga region, apart from smaller parts in the west that falls in Korogwe District. The mountains rises to an altitude of 1'506. The population is 101,767.Outside reserve forest has been cleared for farmland. The clearance has led to forest encroachment as needs for forest resources rises.To reduce forest encroachment farmland tree management program was introduced in the area so as to minimize pressure to the reserved forest resources. villages has been encouraged to plant trees in their farms and use the tree for household trees resources needs. However the use of trees in farms are not left open to free access management and use, there are set rules and regulations that govern the management and use of farmland trees for improved forest cover and biodiversity conservation in surrounding protected surrounded by villages in east Usambara Mountains. Therefor this book asses the policies and institutions governing farmland trees in village outside protected areas.

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