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Zhang (surname)

Zhang (surname)
Autor: Lambert M. Surhone / Miriam T. Timpledon / Susan F. Marseken
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Zhang (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Zh ng) is among the most common Chinese surnames. In the 1990 edition of Guinness Book of Records, it was listed as the world''s most common surname, with over 100 million people worldwide with this surname. It was also ranked third in the People''s Republic of China by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in early 2006. The use of this surname dates back to about 4,700 years ago. Zhang is pronounced and transliterated in a variety of ways. In Mandarin Chinese it is Hanyu Pinyin: Zh ng, Wade Giles: Chang, Tongyong Pinyin: Jh ng. In Cantonese it is Yale: Jèung, Jyutping: Zoeng1, Hong Kong Government: Cheung. In Shanghainese, it is Tsan or Tsaon. In Min Nan, it is Pe h- e-j : Tiu , in Southeast Asia where a variety of dialects are spoken: Teo or Teoh in the Minnan/Teochew dialects, Chong in Hakka, Cheong in Cantonese, Tiong in Foochow and many other spellings based on the romanisation of the Chinese dialects used.

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