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Community based health Information in Europe

Community based health Information in E
Autor: Monika Alisch / Barbara Freytag-Leyer
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This book discusses the results of an international project about new ways of organising health information. The project Chance Community Health Management to Enhance Behaviour based on the preliminary assumption that a local community s structure determines the perception of health information and health promotion in a specific way. Therefore the relevance of space in dailylife was the starting point for an interdisciplinary research in six European countries with very different frames of health systems.§As it is obvious that knowledge of a healthy lifestyle is one essential factor for its implementation, the multiple offers of health information and education have their justification. But, the most effective offers are those that relate to a local community s specific needs. This book shows different ways to install tailored local projects. The main important keywords are participation, local networks and social cohesion. The idea of a Community Health Management outlined in the last§chapter, is to change the perspective of health work.§The project was funded in the EU Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig over two years. Here are presented the main results for stakeholders, students and researchers.

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