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The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Perry:The Certified Registered Nurse An
Autor: Tristan Perry
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639421521

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  • Verlag: AV Akademikerverlag
  • ISBN / EAN: 9783639421521
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Revision with unchanged content. Stress is everywhere, experienced by all. No one is immune, particularly the nurse anesthetist or CRNA. A qualitative inquiry was launched to explore occupational stress among Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and to answer four research questions: 1. What are the roles and responsibilities of the CRNAs as they see them? 2. What are the CRNAs perceived stressors encountered on the job? 3. What are their coping strategies related to the perceived stressors? 4. What is the relationship between CRNA job stress and interpersonal work connections? The answers to the research questions underscore the necessity that the shortage of Registered Nurses and anesthetists needs to be addressed in order to more effectively tackle the participants perceived stressors. This book is a rare gem given its unique qualitative, in-depth inquiry into a topic of ever-increasing importance. This work is aimed at the healthcare professional, especially CRNAs and operating room personnel, and also nursing and anesthesia students. If you have ever stepped foot into an operating room, whether as a professional or a patient, you will find this research revealing and honest!

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