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Rugby Union Numbering Schemes

Rugby Union Numbering Schemes
Autor: Lambert M. Surhone / Mariam T. Tennoe / Susan F. Henssonow
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Artikelnummer: 734253
ISBN / EAN: 9786131280016

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. A rugby union team consists of 15 players plus up to seven replacements (depending on the competition). The starting players are normally numbered from 1 to 15 and the replacements 16 onwards. Traditionally, however, some clubs, notably Leicester Tigers and Bristol, used alternative schemes consisting of letters, whilst others Bath and Richmond used a scheme with no number 13. Leicester''s numbers were from 1 to 15 corresponding A to O with the exception of the openside which who wore H which is the eighth letter of the alphabet. English Guinness Premiership sides have ceased using these numbers/letters to better aid the understanding of those new to the sport.

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