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Placenta and Its Morphology and Morphometry

Boddeti:Placenta and Its Morphology and
Autor: Ravindra Kumar Boddeti / Praveen Kumar Panuganti
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A sound knowledge of normal structure and development is highly essential to appreciate the pathological changes and it is also aids us in the case of foetal deaths. In these cases examination of placenta is mandatory and it yields the handy information regarding placenta, but also useful for the surgeons to protect them from medico-legal problems in the event of maternal and foetal outcomes. Formation of the placenta is one of the most carefully orchestrated phenomenons in the fetal development, It represents the cooperation of two distinct individuals to form a single structure that protects one and enables the genes of the other to live on. This Marvel is a miracle but an example of evolution at its finest. Present study focused on the various morphological features of the placenta at different gestational age groups such as attachment of the cord, diameter and thickness, consistency, foetoplacental weight ratio, vessels in umbilical cord and the vascular patterns. This study can guide the academicians, students in the field of biology as a base line data, especially anatomists and forensic medical professional to set up a final diagnosis for the benefit of mother & child.

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