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A River Dreams Red

Bissundyal:A River Dreams Red
Autor: Churaumanie Bissundyal
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639141849

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Bane goes to the hinterland of Kassaku (a§parallel to Guyana) to work as a teacher at St.§David s Anglican School. Staying at Mr. Sampat s§home, he has to battle with the double agony of Mr.§Sampat s distrust of him and of the two Sampat girls,§Moreen and Riya. Jealous of Bane, Moreen s boyfriend,§William, attempts to stab Bane, but his knife plunges§into the heart of Moreen and kills her instead. §§The novel also has adventitious stories of Father§Hodge s prison life in Stalug Luft in Germany and of§the Spaniards coming to the Caribbean, exploring§history, traditions and the rain forest of South§America to tell a story that has journeys and§implications both in the inner and outer worlds. §Churaumanie Bissundyal is a Guyanese American writer§who has completed six novels, one nonfiction, five§books of poems, three screenplays, and ten plays. In§1988, his play From Ganges to Demerary was staged at§Samuell Beckett s Theatre, York University, Toronto,§Canada. He won the prestigious American award, The§Vera Rubin Residency Award, at Yaddo, Saratoga§Springs, New York. He holds an MFA degree (a master s§degree in fine arts) and a Ph. D. degree in§interdisciplinary studies.

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