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Cavalier Poet

Cavalier Poet
Autor: Lambert M. Surhone / Mariam T. Tennoe / Susan F. Henssonow
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ISBN / EAN: 9786131275579

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Cavalier poets is a broad description of a school of English poets of the 17th century, who came from the classes that supported King Charles I during the English Civil War. Much of their poetry is light in style, and generally secular in subject. They were marked out by their lifestyle and religion from the Roundheads, who supported Parliament and were often Puritans (either Presbyterians or Independents). A Cavalier was originally a mounted soldier or knight, but this term changed and by the late sixteenth century the term also implied roistering gallant. When Cavalier was first used as a name for the men who were fighting for King Charles it was meant as an insult. But like many others words and names that evolve with time, the title Cavalier was eventually embraced by those people whom the title applied to.

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