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Malaria in the Western Highlands of Kenya

Mulambalah:Malaria in the Western Highl
Autor: Chrispinus Mulambalah / Donald Siamba
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ISBN / EAN: 9783848480074

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Malaria in the highlands of Kenya presents a serious health challenge. Both local population and visitors including tourists are at an increasing risk of malaria related sickness and death. The book examines the prospects for bringing malaria in the western highlands region of Kenya under control by using specific innovative interventions. It highlights the direction of research and reports on the current status of highland malaria research, prevention and control efforts and way forward. The authors present a detailed review and recent study findings and a commentary on the epidemiology of highland malaria, biology of Plasmodium species and vector Anopheles mosquitoes, and environmental factors. Written by experts with several years experience in parasitology, the book will be invaluable to undergraduate and postgraduate students in medical parasitology and entomology, and professionals in public health, biomedical scientists and medical laboratory technologists. The book will be useful for anyone who may be considering reviewing existing malaria intervention strategies or planning to introduce new anti-malarial measures in the highlands of Kenya.

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