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Multimedia System Using Wireless Sensor Network

Choe:Multimedia System Using Wireless S
Autor: Insook Choe
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639164626

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  • Verlag: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
  • ISBN / EAN: 9783639164626
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Wireless sensor networks are now playing an §increasingly important role in many applications §because of their small packet size, ease of §deployment, low power consumption, wireless inter-§communication capability, and self-organized dynamic §topologies. In many applications the network is §scattered in an ad-hoc manner within a region where §it is meant to collect environmental data through §multi-hop routing among all sensor nodes. §In this project, I review and compare the existing §multimedia systems based on wireless sensor motes. §In addition, a basic audio & video system is §developed using inputs from wireless sensor network §consisting of multiple motes as the controlling §parameters. The purpose of this project is to §provide a testbed application that is capable of §conveying the input from sensor motes in a fun and §easy-to-understand way. The preliminary work §demonstrates that non-tethered wireless sensor §devices and MIDI triggers can be utilized together §to provide multimedia output in unconventional ways §and consequently provide an educational proof of §concept system for the students interested in this §field.

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