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Solid Waste Management of Jahangirnagar University

Haque:Solid Waste Management of Jahangi
Autor: Afsana Haque
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ISBN / EAN: 9783845417882

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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783845417882
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Solid waste management and its consequent impact on environment are very critical. A standard solid waste management should provide hygienic, efficient and economic collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste without polluting the environment. Jahangirnagar University is the only residential university of Bangladesh has a total approximate population of 20000 including about 9000 students. As there is no proper solid waste management system, the residents remained hostage to the refuse that they themselves produced regularly. Indiscriminate littering on roads, lanes, and by-lanes led to emissions of bad smells from decomposed wastes and also from drains clogged with wastes. As a result, the living environment of the area is deteriorated. The study has explored the present waste generation steam of the area and available waste management facilities both public and private as well as, a comparative effectiveness analysis has been done by using Public System Evaluation Model . And finally, the study come up with some recommended measures for both short and long term to enhance the present solid waste management scenario of the University area.

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