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JTS engine

JTS engine
Autor: Frederic P. Miller / Agnes F. Vandome / John McBrewster
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The JTS engine (Jet Thrust Stoichiometric) is a gasoline direct injection engine produced by Alfa Romeo. It exists in two forms, straight-4 and V6, and was introduced into the Alfa lineup in 2002. The JTS engine debuted in 2002 in the Alfa Romeo 156. The engine was replaced and based on the 2.0 Twin Spark, by replacing this system with direct injection, dubbed "Jet Thrust Stoichiometric". This improved power from 114 kW (155 PS) to 121 kW (165 PS), but more importantly, torque climbed from 187 Nm (137 ft.lbf) to 206 Nm (151 ft.lbf). In 2003, this engine was introduced to the GTV/Spider coupé and roadster. In spite of its benefits to power, torque and economy, the JTS was not used in the smaller 147 or the larger 166 , and much less in other models from the Fiat Group. This was allegedly because the JTS engine cost a lot more to produce than the Twin Spark. It was only in 2005, with the arrival of the 159, that more variants of the JTS were produced. The 2.0 JTS gave way to a 1.9 L variant with 118 kW (160 PS) and a 2.2 L version with 136 kW (185 PS).

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