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The Leadership Role in Building Capacity for Excellence

Kennedy,S.:Leadership Role in Building
Autor: Shyrl Kennedy
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639001570

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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783639001570
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Where I am, my life situation, and the concerns and issues Ihave are, I suspect, no different from other idealists who striveto be the best they can be and to encourage others to do the same.As an idealist, it is important for me to understand the systemsand complexities at play in order to lead systems and make changes.The purpose of this research study is to explore and understandexcellence. By asking the question, How can leaders positivelyinfluence individual excellence in order to achieve organizationalexcellence?\" I hope to provide myself, and other individuals andleaders, who care about reaching their own greatest potential andinfluencing others to do the same, a deeper, yet amazingly concreteand simple understanding of excellence and how to proceed at theindividual, leader, and organizational level.

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