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Relations between pattern structure and syntax of natural language

Kerimov:Relations between pattern struc
Autor: Adalat K. Kerimov / Ulviyya Sh. Rzayeva
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659186516

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Special algebra which explores and interprets the predicative relations was created and developed in the monograph. In view of this task the description of the object by syntagm from the point of view of volume and content of the object and problems of research of informative combinations in syntactic pattern recognition was identified and solved. There were intensional and extensional representations of the object and conditions for obtaining of maximum deductibility using implication. The best deduction based on the estimating predicates within fuzzy logic in broad sense was determined. Description of the relationships between objects on the basis of mathematical linguistics was carried out. Proposed models can be used in parsing strategy based on the most probable connections of words together with the methods of allocation and classification of syntactic relations. The scope of above methods may be an image search and recognition of the semantics of complex information objects by verbal description.

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