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Sundarban Delta: Perspective for the Long Term Future

Giri:Sundarban Delta: Perspective for t
Autor: Pradip Giri / Prabal Barua / Biplab Das
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ISBN / EAN: 9783847344261

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The Indian Sundarbans at the apex of Bay of Bengal is basically a deltaic complex and a diversified coastal wetland, harbors a luxuriant biodiversity and acts as a potential refuge of living marine resources. Sundarban has been in the limelight ever since the global community became concerned about the need for Biodiversity conservation, global warming and climate change. This book is intended to covers a wide range of topics, from the environmental point of view, through the various pieces of the social and management systems, to an examination of a set of key themes that dominate climate change and human livelihood, fisheries diversity and fisherfolk, biodiversity conservation, community based co-management and at last future of sundarban as well as legal framework. Of late, there is a global concern regarding the threat posed to Sundarban due to global warming and projected sea level rise. Survey into ecologically as well as economically resourceful area of Sundarbans should be finally concluded with conservative use of aquatic resources as the best way to achieve environmental sustainability in Sundarbans.

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