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Feed Supplements on Utilisation of Maize Leaf Strippings by Sheep

Autor: Paschal Godwyll / Fred Odoi / Samuel Apori
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639252576

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The book is a rich description and analysis of two experiments conducted to determine the effect of feeding different supplements, namely; Griffornia simplicifolia, Baphia nitida, Leucaena leucocephala (browses) and a cereal-based concentrate on utilization of leaf and leaf- sheath strippings of maize stover (LSMS) by sheep. Crude protein solubility of supplements showed that Leucaena leucocephala had a highest amount of total soluble CP (69.2%), followed by cereal-based concentrate (58.5%), Griffornia simplicifolia (39.1%) and Baphia nitida (36.0%). Experiment 1 involved a twenty-eight day feeding trial, followed by a digestibility period of twelve days. Twelve cross-bred (Djallonké x Sahelian) castrate sheep, 9-12 months old, with mean live weight of 16.0kg (s.e. 0.61), were used in a Completely Randomized Block Design (blocking was against initial live weight differences) with four treatments, each with three replicates. The analysis and conclusions drawn are critical and significant for communities and nations that rely heavily on livestock particularly sheep for domestic consumption or for export.

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