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We, the Individuals

Batra:We, the Individuals
Autor: Susheel Kumar Batra
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Artikelnummer: 835962
ISBN / EAN: 9783659470424

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  • Autor:
  • Verlag: JustFiction Edition
  • ISBN / EAN: 9783659470424
  • Bindung: Taschenbuch


We, the Individuals, regales one with many nuances of a family with the aim at titillating the brain cells to think what signifies happiness and the manner in which it can be achieved. In the present Indian context, there is still no dearth of such individuals, who have their own convictions and while living in a society with a number of distorted values; they remain unaffected. The story narrates in details the lives of the individuals of two generations, from the different walks of life and their interactions within the families, business and social environs touching their subtle emotional and love lives showing the ample glimpses of the real individuals. Though they are living around the fountain head of a financial corruption but they remain dry as they are completely involved in all the facets of a true life. Every activity of theirs' is an unique experience. They act like the trailblazers for others. Above all the story gives a real picture of the lively families.

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