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Autor: Frederic P. Miller / Agnes F. Vandome / John McBrewster
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Artikelnummer: 842623
ISBN / EAN: 9786130736767

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The Kromaggs (also known pejoratively as "Maggs" and "Maggots" by humans), are a fictional species of humanoid primates from the science fiction television show, Sliders. They are a technologically advanced and highly militaristic race bent on conquering all human-dominated alternate Earths in preparation for an assault on the world they call Kromagg Prime, the world the humans on that Earth originally drove them from after a world war. Professor Maximillian Arturo, Rembrandt Brown, Quinn Mallory and Wade Welles first encountered the Kromaggs in the season two episode "Invasion" on one of the more than 150 Earths they had subjugated. It was revealed in the episode that when the Kromaggs began dimensional travelling, they were shocked to see world after world dominated by Homo sapiens. They both hate and fear humans, considering them "vermin" and the enemy and have treated them accordingly. Kromaggs conquer most alternate Earths they encounter and keep those humans they didn't kill for slave labour, breeding purposes, or as test subjects. They find the discovered humans ugly, though they prize human eyes as a delicacy to eat.

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