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The Effect of brand community on Brand characteristics

Eghbali:The Effect of brand community o
Autor: Akram Eghbali / Shahnaz Nayebzadeh / Hasan Dehghan Dehnavi
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Brand is among the intangible assets of a company and is the source of the highest values. Today, brand is considered as an inseparable component of marketing strategy and brand marketing has become a central issue in trading. Brand community, that is today a very popular issue, is regarded as a social group noticed by the fans of a brand and is a tool for reinforcing the relationships between the consumers and the brand. During the recent years, brand management has been considered in correspondence with the management of the relationships within the brand community.This is why studying brand community with an emphasis on the final consumers has attracted scholars and marketers to itself within the several past years. The aim of this book is to investigate the effects of brand community on brand characteristics. This study is an applied research in terms of purpose and a correlation study in terms of method. Required data is collected using questionnaires and survey method. The population of this research has consisted of the members of Fan club of Bank Mellat in Yazd Township. 180 acceptable samples were selected using Stratified sampling.

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