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Iterative Methods for Nonlinear ILL-posed Problems

Elmahdy:Iterative Methods for Nonlinear
Autor: Atef Ibrahim Elmahdy / Santhosh George
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ISBN / EAN: 9783848482627

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Many problems in science and engineering have their mathematical formulation as an operator equation of the form F(x) = y, where F is a linear or nonlinear operator between certain function spaces. In practice, such equations are solved approximately using numerical methods, as their exact solution may not be often possible or may not be worth looking for due to physical constraints. In such situation, it is desirable to know how the so-called approximate solution approximates the exact solution, and what would be the error involved in such procedures. The main focus of the book is on the study of stably solving nonlinear ill posed operator equations of the form F(x)=y, with monotone nonlinear operator F in an infinite dimensional real Hilbert space X, that is , F obeys the monotonicity property. It is assumed that the exact data y is unknown and usually only noisy data are available. Problems of this type arise in a number of applications. Since the solution does not depend continuously on the data, the ill-posed problem has to be regularized. We considered iterative methods which converge to the unique solution of the method of Lavrentiev regularization.

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