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Development of a Data Model for a wrist wearable Health Data Hub

Bittermann:Development of a Data Model
Autor: Mark Bittermann
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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783639380712
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The demographical development in Europe will lead to ageing societies that entails new challenges for existing health care systems. Elderly people want to live longer at home, despite diseases. Special requirements for telemedical treatment, health devices and emergency care equipment for homecare may help to handle this situation. Therefore, a wrist wearable telemonitoring system, called Health Data Hub, was developed. It provides basic information about a person's current health status by measuring the pulse curve and the activity. Furthermore, it communicates with peripheral health devices and monitoring stations to exchange data via ANT+ and Bluetooth technology. In case of abnormal vital parameters, the device automatically transmits alert messages to nearby monitoring stations to inform relatives or emergency rescue teams. The data exchange is based on the HL7 standard to be highly interoperable with different medical IT systems. This enables the telemedical observation of patients by a remote monitoring person and allows early recognition in changes of observed vital parameters as well as to take corrective medical measures to improve the patient's well-being at home.

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