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Natural Dyes - Extraction,Dyeing & Quality Assurance Tests

Daberao:Natural Dyes - Extraction,Dyein
Autor: Amarjeet Daberao / Santosh Agarkar
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Artikelnummer: 921481
ISBN / EAN: 9783659623875

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Book is very valuable for the students and the Technicians dealing with Chemical processing in Dyeing house.This will stand as a guideline for colouring of fabric by using the natural components which are present around us. The deep intention is to create a guideline to all readers who are going for dyeing with natural dyes by economical ways.The images are self covered and there is not any copying of any data from other sources. The book covers extraction of dyeing with various technologies and the testing methods which are proving us that whether the dyed product will have long lasting effect or not.

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