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Antibiotic residues in meat: A continuing global threat

Hussain:Antibiotic residues in meat: A
Autor: Shah Hussain / Kamran Khan
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659511394

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Due to the increase demand for meat to accomplish protein requirements, commercial meat sectors are producing antibiotic residues rich diets which have tremendous concerns for public health. These residues are creating much more problems to human health if not regulated by authorities. there is immense need for public health awareness to emphasis on meat producing companies to overcome this challenges in minimizing antibiotic residues at the producer level to safeguard health. This publication may help to mass awareness and authorities to think over this menace in the future accomplishments on priority and emergency basis. This further will reduce different stockholders endurance towards safer access to excellent protein rich diets in terms of poultry meat, eggs and livestock products in the long run.

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