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Climate Change: Implications for Europe's Security and Defence Policy

Laws:Climate Change: Implications for E
Autor: Norman Laws
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639386004

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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783639386004
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Climate Change influences the living conditions of societies around the globe in many ways and this impact will increase in the years to come. Ecology, economy, social relations: every aspect of modern life will be affected in a wide range of ways. Severe weather events, droughts, increasing sea levels, melting polar ice caps are only the most commonly known ones. But what does this mean for the European Union as a player in the field of security and defence? The author gives an answer to the question of how Europe s security will be affected by newly navigable trade routes, increased access to newly exposed natural resources, public unrest or social tensions due to deteriorating living conditions which are intensified by Climate Change effects in countries close and far of Europe s borders. The author provides the first insight on these implications both on the level of practical politics and on the strategic level. The influence of Climate Change effects on the future development of EU s security strategy, as well as the challenges and chances arising from that are dealt with in detail.

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