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Language, Location and Gender Issues in Environmental Education

Lawyer:Language, Location and Gender Is
Autor: Brenda N. Lawyer / Joseph C. Adigwe
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639767797

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This was a manuscript with purpose to investigate the effect of language of instruction, school location, and gender on pupils' attitude and achievement in environmental education in Cameroon. It sought to find out the relative effect of French and English as languages of instruction, rural and urban location of schools, and gender (male or female) on pupils' attitude and achievement in environmental education. Present generations while extracting the resources necessary for their wellbeing from the environment should ensure that the needs of future generations are guaranteed. This implies that man can no longer continue consuming the existing resources and producing waste at the rate it is doing now without control as our human population continues to grow at an alarming rate. Sustainable exploitation of resources is an appropriate option towards a solution to this dilemma. This knowledge and awareness can be gotten through Environmental Education(EE), hence studies on the factors that can affect the effective teaching of EEin schools espec ially elementary schools is emperative.

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