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Special Physical Education

Milosevic:Special Physical Education
Autor: Milenko Milosevic / Milos Milosevic
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Contemporary literature relating to Special Physical Education contains works that mostly serve as sufficient or insufficient descriptions of karate, judo and jujutsu techniques used by police officers in interventions. Both experts and laypersons could agree that the system of physical education, training and specialization designed for police officers, implies a more complex and intricate structure than that containing simple descriptions of techniques used in combat. This scientific field still cannot offer any relevant works relating to the mentioned topics. Therefore, we are proud to present to you Special Physical Education: A Textbook on Managing the Development of Physical Integrity and Capacity of Police Officers a book that caters to the needs of both experts and students in the said field. This textbook is equally interesting for coaches and athletes. Physical characteristics and trainings of elite special operations units are not very different from those of elite athletes. Coaches of individual athletes and sports teams can use this book for programming training effects and changes, as well as for evaluating the quality of training programs.

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