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Design of a microclimate for improving thermal quality

Aubach:Design of a microclimate for imp
Autor: René Aubach
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  • Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • ISBN / EAN: 9783659635434
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The idea of benefiting from a glasshouse to create a local microclimate between two buildings is not new. Around 1985 such a multi-occupancy block was built in Hagsätra, in the south of Stockholm. Four buildings were constructed around a glazed courtyard which acts as a large solar collector. It is clear that in comparison with conventional buildings, glazing gives more temperate space for the same price . In this manuscript, a glass structure consisting of a roof and two frontal façades was simulated using the simulation programme DesignBuilder The model is based on a real proposal for covering the space between two existing buildings in a university campus. Different possibilities concerning the indoor climate related to the activity that wants to be set in it have been simulated. The selected option has no mechanical ventilation and no supply of cooling since it is provided of a natural ventilation system designed for evacuating the warm air when the microclimate reaches temperatures above the comfort level. A heating system has been installed to maintain the indoor temperature to a minimum of 5oC.

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